Support Options

Individual Support

For some people meeting individually with a counselor is the right step. It will give you the exclusive opportunity to focus on specific issues, your specific experience, and your way of coping. Contact us for more information and to set up an appointment. Weekday, evening and weekend hours are available.

Support Groups

A support group gives you the chance to be with others who have had a similar life event, a way to get mutual support, and help you to feel less isolated.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Groups

  1. Miscarriage – for women who have had one or more first trimester losses. This group is designed to share your experience with other women who have had a miscarriage. The feelings may be just as profound as later term losses, but you may feel that you are in a “different category.”
  2. Pregnancy & Infant Loss – this group is designed for women and or couples who have had a second or third trimester loss, a stillbirth, or a newborn infant death. This group will give you the opportunity to relate your experience to, and with, others – a safe place where you will find comfort being with peers who have been through something similar.
  3. Terminations for Genetic Anomalies – this loss is just as profound as a pregnancy or infant loss, but many times women/couples feel that they need a safe place to share and meet with others who have experienced making difficult decisions about their pregnancy.
  4. For Men Only – a support group where men can share with others what the experience has been like and where to go from here.
  5. Subsequent Pregnancy – a support group designed for women who are pregnant following a loss. Many people find this to be a stressful time and sharing it with others who are also pregnant can be very helpful.

Infertility Support Groups

  1. Primary Infertility – if you have been trying to get pregnant or are already undergoing fertility testing and treatments you may feel alienated from your family and friends. Talking with others who are going through the same things can bring you support and comfort. This group is designed for women however there will be an opportunity for partners to participate in one or two sessions.
  2. Secondary Infertility – If you have managed to have a successful pregnancy and outcome (with or without fertility treatments) but are now struggling to expand your family, this is considered secondary infertility.
  3. Egg Donation – if you have decided to use an egg donor or are contemplating this step, this group will allow you to ask questions, learn more about the issues associated with egg donor, and find a safe place to talk about your feelings and reactions to this experience.
  4. Sperm Donation – similar issues that are addressed for women dealing with egg donation, will be addressed in this group for men who are dealing with using a sperm donor with their partner to achieve a pregnancy.
  5. Surrogacy – for couples who are making plans or thinking about a surrogacy arrangement this will be a place to discuss your concerns and experiences and get support.
  6. Parenting After Infertility – some couples feel particularly challenged by the challenges of parenting after struggling with infertility. This group will provide you with an chance to meet others, share experiences and ideas, and get support.