Pregnancy Loss or Infertility – Get Support!

Whether you have experienced a pregnancy loss at any gestational age, your baby has died due to a stillbirth or newborn infant death, or you are experiencing infertility, it is hard to do it alone. These experiences can make you feel very isolated, sad, confused and angry.

Getting support is a way to alleviate the emotional stress of the situation you are in and is truly a sign of strength. The support can be from family and friends who understand; or it can be from professionals who are not only trained to respond to your needs, but have also been through some of what you have experienced.

Physicians are undoubtedly involved in the physical experience of your loss or infertility. Healing on an emotional level is also part of the journey to achieving your positive goal.

Read about pregnancy loss, infant loss, and infertility support groups, and consider counseling.