About Nancy Berlow

Nancy Berlow, LCSW, received her undergraduate degree in psychology and her masters degree in social work with an emphasis on individual and group work. She has been working in the field of infertility, pregnancy and infant loss, and all issues related to perinatal and reproductive health for the last 20 years. Nancy started her social work career in the area of aging where she developed skills related to bereavement and family dynamics.

As a volunteer, Nancy served as the president of Long Island Resolve for 3+ years and sat on the board for an additional 2 years. For over ten years Nancy was the coordinator of the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Bereavement Support Program at a major academic medical center. Nancy has worked alongside nursing and medical staff to provide the best care and support to women, couples and their family members at the time of their loss. She has facilitated over 25 support groups for women and couples who suffered losses, support groups for women managing infertility, facilitated workshops for grandparents and couples, and organized bi-annual memorial services and other events for grieving women, men and family members.

Nancy is a committed and compassionate social worker who has helped hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds. She is part of a committed team of specialists who are available to offer professional and/or peer support.

Nancy can be reached at: 516-847-4896 or via this contact form.